About PCAire

Since 2004, PCAire Inc. has been providing the airline industry and frequent flyers with accurate and reliable cosmic radiation exposure monitoring and reporting tools. PCAire Inc. has developed accurate algorithms that can predict radiation levels during jet aircraft flights. These advanced algorithms are the result of collecting a comprehensive dataset of measured cosmic radiation levels at altitudes relevant to jet aircraft.

The PCAire code is available for frequent flyers through a subscription to this Internet site. Individual users are able to calculate and track their own radiation dose. Airlines (commercial, private, millitary) can investigate our full service crew radiation monitoring solutions.

PCAire Inc. is dedicated to offering the most reliable services through implementation of high quality science. Our team includes scientists and researchers who understand cosmic radiation dosimetry and who continue to advance the knowledge in this field.

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Our Team
Michael McCall, M.Sc. – President and CEO
Marty Bean – Chief Operating Officer
Sean Boylan CPA, CA – Chief Financial Officer
François Lemay, Ph.D. – VP Research and Development
Klaus Rose – RCE Rose Consulting & Engineering, Germany info@r-c-e.de or https://r-c-e.de
AIR CARGO SAFETY 360° – info@cargosafety360.com or https://cargosafety360.com
PCAire is actively searching for regional representatives that can help support our growth globally. Contact us at info@pcaire.com for more details.